Apply now to Become a Product Manager in 6 months with Knowledge Officer PRO (Job Guaranteed).

Apply now to Become a Product Manager with PRO
(Job Guaranteed)

Apply now to Become a Product Manager with PRO
(Job Guaranteed)

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Prepare for and advance your career in seven areas with our proven learning tools.

Product Manager

The product evangelist! You are responsible for the vision, strategy, roadmap, and feature definition.

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Marketing Specialist

You’re all about great content, expertly targeted ads and making sure your company is in every conversation.

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Learn how to establish your own company. Take on the risk and reward of creating something from nothing!

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Growth Manager

The master of growing the customer base. You analyse situations to hack revenue growth like expert.

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Machine Learning

Developing deep learning systems, you’re pulling the strings at the forefront of Artificial Intelligence.

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Customer Success Manager

The champion of the customer! You mobilize everyone to help the customer achieve their goals.

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Sales Development Representative

You leverage product, industry, and process knowledge to drive sales and growth in your company.

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Personalised Data-driven Learning

By analysing your current skills against your dream career, we create a customised learning path to move you from point A to point B in the most effective possible way. Then we help you get hired!

We analyse your skills and goals

Our Artificial Intelligence analyses job descriptions from top companies to pick out the most important skills. Then we compare your current skillset to your chosen career and focus your learning in the right places.

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Then we help you learn effectively

Aided by expert human curation, our machines source the highest quality learning materials to give you the best content possible. We also pick out the key learnings, create challenges, track your progress, answer your questions and allow you to compete with your friends - proven ways to learn more effectively.

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Knowledge Officer is my favourite app for self-paced learning, without the noise, and a real sense of progression. The content curation is spot on and Key Learnings really speed up my progress.

Katy Pond, Head of Talent @ boclips

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