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Discover skills gaps, upskill your workforce and monitor progress with our unique learning tools


Understand your workforce and compare to your market with our benchmarking tools.

  • Top skills
  • Skills gaps
  • Employee analysis


Upskill your workforce with dynamic and personalised learning paths and unique learning tools

  • Key learnings
  • Personal career mentor
  • Knowledge Exchange


Stay up to date with how skills are increasing and continuously improve with tracking and prompting tools

  • Progress metrics
  • Employee skills analysis
  • Reminders and targets

Discover organisational skills gaps

Our artificial intelligence analyses job descriptions and employees to discover their key skills before comparing them to your workforce. Find out what skills you’re lacking in comparison to your market and understand how to effectively target your training.

Automatically create learning paths

Our algorithms create learning paths unique to each employee. They focus on the most important areas to improve their knowledge and ensure learning is targeted in the right place. Then we fill them with the best articles, resources and challenges the web has to offer.

Monitor, analyse and improve

Stay up to date with your employees’ learning and see how their skills improve over time. Keep them motivated with handy reminders and redirect their learning as your company’s needs and technological landscape change.

Knowledge Officer is my favourite app for self-paced learning, without the noise, and a real sense of progression. The content curation is spot on and Key Learnings really speed up my progress.

Katy Pond, Head of Talent @ boclips

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