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Accelerate your career in 7 areas

Knowledge Officer focuses on the most desirable industry skills, helping you to go from a complete novice to a hireable professional in a time frame that suits you best.

Product Manager

The product evangelist! You are responsible for the vision, strategy, roadmap, and feature definition.

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Marketing Specialist

You’re all about great content, expertly targeted ads and making sure your company is in every conversation.

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Learn how to establish your own company. Take on the risk and reward of creating something from nothing!

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Growth Manager

The master of growing the customer base. You analyse situations to hack revenue growth like expert.

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Machine Learning

Developing deep learning systems, you’re pulling the strings at the forefront of Artificial Intelligence.

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Customer Success Manager

The champion of the customer! You mobilize everyone to help the customer achieve their goals.

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Sales Development Representative

You leverage product, industry, and process knowledge to drive sales and growth in your company.

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Personalised Learning Platform

By analysing your current skills against your dream career, we create a customised learning path for you to acquire skills in the most effective way possible. We also help you get hired!

We analyse your skills and goals

Our Artificial Intelligence analyses job descriptions from top companies to pick out the most important skills. Then we compare your current skillset to your chosen career and focus your learning in the right places.

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Then we help you learn effectively

Aided by expert human curation, our machines source the highest quality learning materials to give you the best content possible. We also pick out the key learnings, create challenges, track your progress, answer your questions and allow you to compete with your friends - proven ways to learn more effectively.

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Keep yourself on track with weekly objectivesRemote learning sessions & peer reviewsBook mentor calls with tech company leadersMock interviews & hands on projectsGuaranteed job or your money backAccelerator ProA structured learning experience deliveredby world class mentorsCustomised learning path (beginner level)See tailored job opportunitiesArticles, Key Learnings & ChallengesAsk limited questions in KO ExchangeEarn crystal points to purchase extra featuresFreeStart learning with a customised learningpath and curated resourcesBeginner, intermediate and advanced levelsRegular human graded learning assignmentsBook mentor calls with a learning specialistMock interview opportunityCertificate of completionAccelerator PlusAccess further levels, in app mentor andadvanced learning features

Learning Plans that suit you best

Choose the best path to pursue your dream career, with different prices, commitments and outcomes. Pick a plan that suits your goals and lifestyle.

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Get hired in top companies

We analyse which skills top companies require and incorporate them into your learning, making you match exactly what they need. Whenever you’re ready to apply, you can find pre-approved vacancies in your Knowledge Officer app.


Online learning plans that suit you best

Choose the learning plan that best suits your career goals and time commitments.

Free Learning

Start learning with a customised learning path and curated resources

Start for free

  • Customised learning path (beginner level)
  • See tailored job opportunities
  • Articles, Key Learnings & Challenges
  • Ask limited questions in KO Exchange
  • Earn crystal points to purchase extra features

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Accelerator Pro

A structured learning experience delivered by world class mentors

£750 (6-month course)

  • Customised learning path (beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels)
  • See tailored job opportunities
  • Articles, Key Learnings & Challenges
  • Ask unlimited questions in KO Exchange
  • Earn crystal points to purchase extra features
  • Regular human graded learning assignments
  • Book mentor calls with tech company leaders
  • Certificate of completion
  • Mock interviews & hands on projects
  • Keep yourself on track with weekly objectives
  • Remote learning sessions & peer reviews
  • Guaranteed job or your money back

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Join a community of 100,000 learners worldwide

Product Managers

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Knowledge Officer is a great professional learning tool for both newbie and seasoned product managers. Content curation is spot-on, and the intuitive interface provides a great learning experience, whether you are in deep focused learning mode in front of your desk, or you are just catching up on content on-the-go.

- See Wah Cheng, Senior Product Manager @ Onfido

Startup Founders

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As a CEO of a Software Service company, I used to suffer from what’s called “Skills gap”; the well-known gap in knowledge between the employers and the employees. I found in Knowledge Officer the tool that fills this gap. It was so fruitful including Knowledge Officer in our business and development processes!

- Yehia Elsaka, CEO/Co-Founder @ TrianglZ

Growth Managers

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Knowledge Officer does an amazing job filling the learning gap between confusing google searches and restrictive online courses. You’re learning from multiple, carefully curated, credible online sources. No limiting yourself to a single vision or path by a single instructor or entity, and no drowning yourself into countless hours of search. Just brilliant!

- Youssef El Akkari, Growth Manager

Machine Learning

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Knowledge Officer is doing a great job taking you from nearly no knowledge in machine learning to intermediate level in a coherent good paced study plan with tests to assess the knowledge gained at each step which i would recommend to anyone starting to read about machine learning.

- Mostafa ElAraby, Research and Development Engineer

Marketing Specialist

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The Marketing Specialist content is very comprehensive and up to date. It contains a full view of what a marketer needs to understand and learn about both the basics of marketing and the new marketing trends.

- Salma Abdel Meguid, Sr. Brand Manager @ Coca-Cola

Customer Success

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Knowledge Officer is a great resource for Customer Success Managers. It has useful modules that have been created to give you an in-depth understanding of what makes a successful Customer Success Manager. The content has been thoughtfully designed and the team looks for ways to update the modules which means you will have access to lots of useful information!

- Shamiso Bowora, Customer Success Manager @ Fractal Labs

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Embedded in the University of Oxford, the OXAI society provides a platform to educate, build, connect, and employ an Artificial Intelligence community that constantly drives innovation for the University and the World.

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